Pocket fruit,
a healthy choice!

Keeping a diet rich in fruits is not always that easy, especially in our busy daily lives, right? But now you can count on Frootiva, a practical and tasty way of including fruits in your diet. Frootiva is a dried apple granulate topped with crunchy Brazilian fruits (açaí, passion fruit and cupuaçu).

The first Frootiva flavor was Açaí: next came Frootiva Passion Fruit and Frootiva Cupuaçu.

  • healthy snacks
  • healthy snacks

Today, the brand offers several other options to satisfy your taste and suit your needs. Frootiva is available in the following lines: Traditional (Açaí, Passion Fruit and Cupuaçu), Zero Sugar (in the same Traditional flavors), and special combinations Açaí and Chia, Passion Fruit and Chia and Açaí & Chocolate (55% cocoa).

  • healthy snacks
  • healthy snacks

All lines and flavors are available in several packages options: individual, 25g (20g for Açaí&Chocolate) and less than 100 kcal, perfect for snacks or when you feel hungry between meals, up to 500g packages (200g for Açaí&Chocolate), recommended for food services (restaurants, hotels, ice cream shops, açaí places, etc).

Frootiva is 100% natural, gluten and trans fat free, has low sodium content, no artificial colors or preservatives, and does not need to be refrigerated. The Zero Sugar line is perfect for low sugar diets.

Frootiva can be consumed individually, as a snack, between meals, used as snacks for kids, eaten before or after practicing sports and much more.

It can be used in sweet and salt recipes, such as those created by chef Lucia Sequerra.

Every day people find new ways of consuming Frootiva, as you can see in the Instagram photo gallery below and at the home page.

Frootiva was born from the challenge of finding an alternative for the consumption of açaí, popularly eaten in the form of pulp/cream. So, the partners of Blue Macaw Flora – a company that trades and exports natural Brazilian flora extracts –, Ana Tovazi and Marina Salama, in partnership with the Food Technology Institute and supported by FINEP, started to seek formulas for a tasty and healthy product, which preserved the main nutritional qualities of the fruits in the most natural way and within the context of functional nutrition.

In addition to bringing countless benefits for those who consume Frootiva, the brand seeks to support those who make the difference, always participating in events linked to nutritional quality and health. So, it has participated in large fairs and meetings on healthy nutrition, such as the 2014 Naturaltech – an international fair aimed at healthy nutrition, natural products and health – and the 2015 MESA SP Week – the largest gastronomy and wine festival in Latin America.

Frootiva was awarded at the 6th Innovación Contest, inside the ExpoAlimentaria, an important fair held in Peru in 2015.

Frootiva also supports and sponsors athletes who represent Brazil in several competitions around the country and the world, being presented as a healthy food option rich in energy and nutrients, therefore perfect for both professional and amateur athletes.

Frootiva can be found in several natural products stores around the country and also on the internet www.lojafrootiva.com.br and is distributed in Peru and Venezuela by América Orgânica and now also in Hong Kong by ANS Australian Nutrition &Sports.