Frootiva Products

Thinking about a healthy and delicious food that can be consumed any time of day and which goes well both alone and in your favorite recipes? Well, it exists!

Introducing Frootiva, a dried apple granulate topped with crunchy Brazilian fruits, available in the açaí, passion fruit and cupuaçu basic flavors.

There are three product lines: Traditional, made with organic sugar, Zero Sugar, recommended for low sugar diets, and a line with special flavors: açaí and chia, passion fruit and chia and açaí and chocolate (55% cocoa).

Frootiva is available in individual 25g packages (20g for Açaí&Chocolate), in boxes with three individual packages and in displays with 12 Frootiva units. Each individual package has less than 100 kcal, a WHO indication to be considered a healthy snack. It is also available in larger packages, to be used in food services and for cooking. It is the Frootiva Topping package, with 500g (200g for Açaí&Chocolate).

Frootiva is an excellent choice for snacks between meals, for professional and amateur athletes, snacks for kids and also for chefs. Frootiva is 100% natural, gluten, lactose and trans fat free, has low sodium content and no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, and does not need to be refrigerated.

Frootiva is also sold as an ingredient for the food industry, and is present in several products, such as granolas, cereal bars, cookies and healthy mixes, among others.