Frootiva Chocolate

Two very tasty things together can only be a success, right? The Frootiva Açaí&Chocolate partnership is the proof of that! All the benefits offered by Frootiva Açaí, topped by a layer of quality chocolate (55% cocoa). Delicious!

Cocoa is an important functional food that is abundant in the Brazilian northeast region. It is a fruit full of nutrients, such as vitamins (A, C and B complex), fibers, antioxidants, flavonoids, iron, magnesium and calcium, among many others.

Therefore, it has a lot of benefits to the body, helping reduce blood pressure and increase heart strength (due to its magnesium content), improving blood pumping. It also contributes to reduce the risk of blood clotting, which reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes. It may aid in weight loss, is a good antidepressant and also a source of energy and antioxidants, which help prevent premature aging.

All this, combined to the benefits of açaí, makes Frootiva Açaí&Chocolate very rich in nutrients, flavors and pleasure! Try it!

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healthy snacks