Frootiva Chia

Frootiva is already naturally healthy and tasty and, in this version, combines all the benefits of fruits with a seed that has very special properties: chia. Frootiva Chia is available in the Açaí and Passion Fruit flavors.

Chia, the popular name of salvia hispanica, is a flowering plant native to Guatemala, but currently it is grown in several countries, including Brazil. Some reports say that chia was already grown by the Aztecs, back in the pre-Colombian times.

It is better known for its seeds, which can be consumed whole, ground (chia flour) or as an oil. It is rich in omega 3, fibers, calcium, magnesium, manganese, phosphor, proteins, antioxidants and vitamins, especially of the B complex. Chia increases the feeling of satiety, aiding in weight loss, reduction of swelling and cholesterol levels, among several other benefits.

Introduce Frootiva Chia in our daily life now!

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  • healthy snacks
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